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June - NCCI conference, available communities of practice, updates: UPP, UBI Transition to Operational State, Finance Strategic Transformation Phase 1 + more

May - Change management Quality CORE session, updates: UPP, ResearchUVA Streamlines Processes, Travel & Expense App + more

April - Project & change management Quality CORE sessions, updates: UPP, Finance Strategic Transformation, Ufirst + more

March - Quality CORE Network sessions, Department of Drama Prop Catalog, Ufirst blog, Travel & Expense Expo + more

February - Quality CORE Network sessions, the Compassionate Schools Project, OE consulting services, Ufirst's usability testing for Workday + more

January - Spring Quality CORE Network sessions, the RFI for Finance Strategic Transformation, Ufirst's end-to-end testing for the Workday prototype + more


December - Parking and Transportation Pay by Cell Program, ResearchUVA Oracle data access, Ufirst pilot programs + more

November - ResearchUVA Juice analytics, statewide conference recap, 2017/2018 OELC + more

October - Allison Vaillancourt's Quality CORE session, change management certification, centralized graduate admissions + more

September - NCCI membership, change management tools, ResearchUVA website + more

August - ResearchUVA Electronic Proposal Routing Form, Discoverer sunset + more

June - UBI early adoption successes, ExpenseUVA launch, spotlight honorees + more

May - Ufirst Information Fair, Expense Go-Live + more

April - Ufirst Future State, NCCI Power 60's, Travel Support + more

March -  ResearchUVA News, Expense Go-Live Preparations + more

February  - Change Community of Practice, MRP Training Opportunities + more

January - Ufirst Updates, Cornerstone, NCCI website launch + more