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The Office of Organizational Excellence serves as a resource to support the University’s priorities, enable core missions, and advance the University’s strategic plan.

Vision: Unleash and amplify the impact of UVA



March Survey QCore; Library Special Collections (LSC) Tech Svcs Retreat; U Press 60th Ann Strat Plan; Crowd-Sourcing for LSC Proj Work; Resources: Teams, Teamwork & Teaming

Four Quadrants of Facilitation QCore; Highlights of “Failure” Session; EHD-Student Affairs Workshop; Strategic Doing (SD) UVA Cohort Pilot; SD Methodology; Resources: Simon Sinek Quotes


Working Genius+Learning from Failure Quality Cores; NCCI 2024 Call for Proposals; Future at CRC; Highlights from Oct Session: PM for Non-Project Mgrs; Resource: How to Succeed at Failing


members of the community engaged with OE on initiatives and programs (2022-23)


of partners highly likely to recommend OE as a resource to others (2022-23)


of participants report a positive impact when applying learnings from OE programs on change, innovation, and improvement (2022-23)