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Taking Liberating Structures to the Next Level: Getting Better at Invitations and Strings

Zoom Meeting
Alyson Hyman
Founder and Principal, Fiddlehead Unfurled

This session is for individuals who have a basic understanding of Liberating Structures (LS) and are interested in learning more about crafting robust invitations and stringing several structures together for desired outcomes. So, you’ve applied a few Liberating Structures (LS) approaches for effective meetings that engage everyone in the group. You recognize the broad utility of the structures to help groups generate ideas, make connections, sort challenges, surface solutions, identify priorities, make decisions, and more. And you recognize that they are useful with all types of meetings – staff/faculty meetings, planning meetings, project meetings, improvement meetings, etc. Yet, you want more practice with crafting meaningful invitations and how to string structures in a way that advances the group’s purpose.

Join Alyson Hyman via Zoom Video Conference.  Alyson is a seasoned Liberating Structures practitioner and was on Grounds last spring co-facilitating a two-day LS immersion workshop. She has experience all over the world in numerous industries (especially higher education and healthcare) and is an early adopter of virtual facilitation.

In this session, you will:

  • Get questions addressed when pulling together a string of LS for something important in your work
  • Determine what structures fit your purpose and will advance your goal for a specific upcoming meeting or event
  • Immediately use the building blocks for creating a LS string
  • Craft powerful invitations for several LS in your string
  • Meet like-minded people and experience how similar challenges can make building on each others’ ideas easy through peer-to-peer learning


  • Familiarity and some experience with using LS
  • Basic understanding of Zoom and Google Docs
  • Ability to join the Zoom conference via computer with audio and video

Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation with a calendar invite. We will follow up with you with the Zoom information prior to the event.

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