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Liberating Structures: Novel Tools for Engagement, Innovation, and Inclusion

Small Special Collections Library, Harrison Auditorium
Catherine Lilly
Senior Consultant, Sibson Consulting

Participate in this free, highly interactive workshop to learn how to facilitate meetings and groups to engage everyone for better results. These alternative structures build connections, elicit insights, and enable everyone to share their voice. Come get familiar with these approaches that you can use every day.

Is it possible to transform higher education merely by using simple, easy-to-learn engagement processes? Are there ANY alternative approaches to meetings and group gatherings besides the current practices which typically flatten energy, privilege the privileged, stifle creativity, and limit input to the “usual suspects”?  The answer is yes.

As a result of participating in this introductory session, led by Catherine Lilly, you will understand and experience a contagious phenomenon spreading through higher education called Liberating Structures. You will learn the extent of its reach as well as hear examples of the use of these tools and their results.

During the session, you will experience a number of Liberating Structures as well as hear best practices and tips for implementing these novel tools in your own institution. No matter your level of facilitation or team leading skills, you will leave prepared to immediately apply what you’ve learned to improve engagement in your everyday work.

For more information about Liberating Structures, read Lilly's recent article "Tools of Engagement" from Business Officer magazine or take a look at a presentation she and Darin Harris made in 2017. 

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