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Co-creating a Customer-Focused Performance Review Experience

Event Date: 
May 10, 2017 11:00 am to 12:30 pm
Ruffner 302, Library Data Commons
Lisa Cannell
Chief Human Resources Officer - Darden School of Business


Have you noticed how most people hate administering or participating in performance reviews?  This issue is not unique to UVA or higher education, and is now a mainstream topic in the business world.  Companies such as GE, Adobe, Accenture, Microsoft, Cargill, and Medtronic have started the trend of moving away from the traditional performance review process. A year ago, a group of managers at the Darden Graduate School of Business launched a pilot to co-create an experience that better supports learning for improved performance and career development.  This session will include information on the background of the pilot, the leadership sponsorship, the design-thinking approach, and the status of the results to date.  Lisa Cannell, Darden’s Chief HR Officer, will facilitate an interactive session with multiple parties from the pilot to answer questions and encourage session participants to think outside the box about the dreaded process.