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University Project Portfolio

University Project Portfolio provides a framework for intentional identification, selection, and execution of pan-institutional projects. In collaboration with the University community, the University Project Portfolio enhances coordination among pan-institutional projects for strategic alignment and desired outcomes. Portfolio management

Value for the Institution

  • Enterprise planning, projects aligned with organizational goals to balance transformational and operational needs
  • Comprehensive view of multiple projects to inform decisions 
  • Successful projects, delivering intended outcomes  

Value for the University Community

  • Access to consolidated information across projects 
  • Insight into collective changes that will impact stakeholders

Value for Projects

  • Visibility into other project’s activities for proactive coordination and adjustments
  • Forum to surface needs across projects and collaborate on resolution
  • Community sharing and learning across projects

Process Overview

Project inclusion in the portfolio is based on these decision tree criteria: alignment, scope, capacity, and impact. Review the gating framework for a project from inception to closeout.  

Portfolio Leadership

Organizational Excellence partners with functional sponsors/leaders, project teams, key stakeholders, the OE Leadership Council (OELC), and OE Executive Sponsors to facilitate the portfolio governance and process.

The OE Executive Sponsors and OELC provide direction and oversight - regularly monitoring progress, issues, and results. 

Shows the communication flow for project oversight


  • Oversees projects in the portfolio through evaluation and selection, design and execution, implementation, and close out (gating framework)

  • Provides feedback/shapes key project elements throughout project life

  • Monitors portfolio and project progress

  • Assists with coordination among projects

  • When necessary, escalates issues and recommends actions for resolution to Executive Sponsors

For more information, contact Leann Burns, OE Portfolio Associate.  

Portfolio Reports 

Various portfolio reports will be posted here to help inform the University community about individual projects and the dependencies among projects.

Project Timeline Report

The consolidated project timeline report (below) is updated monthly. Star icon denotes major project milestones. (Current as of 3/30/2020)

Chart of timeline view of UPP projects

Stakeholder Impact Report

This ongoing report, assembled with the assistance of project managers whose projects are tracked in the portfolio, summarizes the individual project and cumulative impact of change on select groups. Updated monthly, this report will assist with coordination among projects and enhance the sharing of key information with the community.

Excel view of different projects impacts on groups of people at UVA

Active Projects

(Current as of 1/16/2020)

Projects in Analysis

  • Data Governance – led by Institutional Assessment & Studies and Office of the Chief Information Officer
  • Electronic Research Administration Request for Information
  • Faculty Hiring (HOT CRP)
  • HR Academic Service and Workday - led by UVA Human Resources
  • Job Architecture and Career Pathing - led by UVA Human Resources

Projects Closed/Transitioning to Operational Status