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Strategic Sourcing

Lead Partner - Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services



Strategic Sourcing consolidates and leverages UVA's purchasing power to deliver greater customer satisfaction and cost savings. 



This initiative focuses on the top commodities like supplies, equipment, and services. It will create more efficient and effective procurement processes, electronic reporting, and monitoring of expenditures.


Strategic Sourcing will deliver better pricing and service by implementing:

  • Cost avoidance and cost savings strategies
  • More efficient procurement processes
  • Automated and standardized procurement activities to reduce workload
  • Reduced administration of licenses
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Monitoring and tracking capability via vendor scorecards and department dashboards


(Coming soon - dynamic data link for Procurement Spend and Analysis)

Catering aggregator: Completed August 2014. Realized savings for FY16: $68,370 + efficiency savings

Office supplies: Completed August 2014. Realized savings for FY16: $1,177,699

Gift cards: Completed July 2015. Realized savings for FY16: $585 + efficiency savings

Inbound freight: Completed July 2015. Realized savings for FY16: $148,475

Promotional products: Completed September 2015. Realized savings for FY16: $20,013

Travel & Expense: Travel launched January 2015, Expense to be launched early 2017

Housekeeping supplies: Request for Proposal  (RFP) issued with award(s) planned for FY2017 Q1

Office furniture:  Request for Proposal  (RFP) issued with award planned for FY2017 Q1

Computer hardware & peripherals:  Collaborative procurement managed by the Virginia Higher Education Procurement Cooperative (VHEPC). Analysis includes usage, pricing, and forecast data. Resulting data informs future procurement priorities. 

Research & development commodities: Includes research and development (R&D) products, laboratory supplies, and equipment maintenance. Data analysis informs future procurement priorities.


John McHugh - Assistant Director of Procurement Services

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Project Type: 
Completed Sponsored Project