Organizational Excellence

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Robin Fisher

School of Medicine
June, 2015
Robin's nomination highlighted her contributions to improve to the University-wide faculty merit process and tracking of faculty salary changes. Her application of LEAN methodology aided in the development of simplified processes and tools, including expanded functionality for supplemental pay, elimination of shadow systems for tracking, and increased ease-of-use worksheets. Her work is a great example of an effective partnership among the schools, the Provost Office, ITS, and UHR.
"Collaboration and creative problem solving were hallmarks of her contributions."
Outcomes of project improvements to the faculty merit process and tracking of faculty salary changes were University-wide, and include:
  • The addition of Faculty Administrative Supplements to the special information tracked in the Integrated System, substantially improving the accuracy and ease of calculating faculty salary increases; 
  • The addition of a salary conversion field (relative to the number of months worked) which should also aid several schools in their faculty merit process; 
  • Elimination, over time, of many of the shadow systems used to track administrative and other faculty supplements, which also reduces errors and eliminates time spent double keying and performing manual calculations; 
  • Easier to use faculty merit worksheets, resulting in less time for completion of the worksheets, easier “roll-up” to the provost office, and easier uploading into the Integrated system.