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Marianne Daughtrey

Ufirst Project
May, 2017
Marianne Daughtrey

Marianne is commended for providing exceptional service in the onboarding and orientation of the Ufirst project team members. Her seamless coordination and delivery of numerous onboarding aspects - from space and office furnishings, to IT setup, to parking – were outstanding and appreciated. Through collaboration with other offices and the creation of a highly-interactive orientation session, she enabled employees to get right to work on day one.  Her approach reduced administrative burden and helped equip members with important foundational project knowledge. Given the size of the team and the staffing ebb and flow, issues consistently emerged and her nominator noted how she promptly addressed them with minimal disruption.  One illustration is how she offered creative, efficient solutions to both space and parking constraints. Her comprehensive support has created a positive transition for staff members and allowed them to make immediate contributions to this enterprise transformational project.