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Brenda Nalley

November, 2019
Brenda Nalley

Brenda is recognized for her continuous improvement efforts, specifically leading adoption of DocuSign in UVAFinance. Implementation of DocuSign helped several units refine processes for better outcomes. The software made it possible to transition from paper to digital with a complete audit trail and improved security.

Brenda’s colleague Ruth Parcells said, “DocuSign has reduced to minutes what used to take weeks or months of work.”

In collaboration with Rachel Sliger from Enterprise Solutions in Information Technology Services, Brenda identified this application that met her colleagues’ needs and was already successfully in use at UVA. So far five UVAFinance units have implemented DocuSign, and the impact of Brenda’s contributions will continue to grow as more units do as well. She goes out of her way to share information about the product and train those interested in using it.