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Addie Coe

Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services
March, 2017
Addie Coe

Addie, a member of the Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services team, is recognized for partnering with Business Services in the Office of the Dean of Students (ODOS)  to help them and numerous affiliated student organizations acquire the goods and services they need to achieve their goals.  Specifically, her ability to resolve issues in a timely manner and thorough understanding of policy and procedure enables timely, economical, and compliant execution.  Addie used her purchasing expertise and guidance recently resulting in the Cycling Club saving several thousand dollars on a purchase. In another instance, she expedited a request to satisfy a funding need three days prior to an event when such requests typically take up to two weeks to process.  Further, when issues are brought to her attention, she sees them through to resolution, as evidenced by recent vendor registration issues experienced by ODOS. She is commended for her service orientation, customer accessibility, and overall quality of services.