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Project Management: Principles and Practice

Event Date: 
March 15, 2017 10:30 am to 12:00 pm
Library Data Commons (Ruffner, Room 302)
Gerald Starsia, PhD
Associate Professor and Executive Director of the Curry School Foundation

Over the past decade or so, project management has been in a state of continual transformation as the tools become commoditized and field experience is increasingly scarce and valuable. A skill set steeped in field experience and the organization of a complex set of related activities, project management is an urgent practice that every employee, new or experienced, will need as organizational principals and managers push the oversight of increasingly complex projects and programs to staff.

This session is designed to, within the context of a case study based at UVA, briefly describe the core essentials of project management tools and techniques. We will begin with the Project Plan including chartering, work breakdown and stakeholder analysis; and then will apply these concepts to the case study. The session will conclude with a discussion about newly emerging trends in project management.

The goal of this 90-minute session is to expose the attendees to core principles, critical considerations for success, and where to find resources you will need to be successful when called upon to lead a complex project.

A case study will be mailed to you after registration.  Please read it as there will be cold calls and breakout groups to consider the application of the principles to the case.