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Past Events

NCCI Power60: The Path to Change

Randa Wilbur, Ann Foley, Vicky Tibbs,

NACUBO 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting

NCCI Virtual Conference 2020

NCCI Webinar: Creating Information Illustrations

NCCI Webinar: Followership: The F-Word That Complements Leadership

Taking Liberating Structures to the Next Level: Getting Better at Invitations and Strings

Alyson Hyman

NCCI Virtual Seminar Series

The Emergence of the New Normal

Howard Teibel

Choosing Everyday Courage: Speaking Up and Standing Out Competently at Work

Jim Detert

NCCI Power60: Celebrating Failure: The Need for End-to-End Design

Joseph Drasin, Kristine Maphis

Move it! Learn a Quick, Easy Process Improvement Approach

Angela Knobloch

Are You Just Busy or Achieving Results?

Lynn Isabella

NCCI Power60: Utilizing Process Improvement to Drive Strategic Alignment & Development of Staff

Kelly Feister

Introduction to Liberating Structures: Better Group Interactions for Better Outcomes

Mary Brackett,, Sarah Collie,

4 Skills for Courageous Leadership

Kathleen Scott

Change Management & Project Management Communities of Practice Roundtable

NCCI Power60 - Organized Chaos: An Enterprise Approach to Large Scale Projects

Sarah Collie, UVA OE, Lee Baszczewski, UC Davis

Prioritizing Resource Allocation: Learn from the University Library Process

Larry Goldstein, Campus Strategies, LLC, Donna Tolson, University Library, Carla Lee, University Library, Holly Robertson, University Library, Todd Burks, University Library

Project Foundations Workshop

Leann Burns, , Tanya Rahman, , Kim Holman,

NCCI Power60: Resilience

Adrienne Harrell

NCCI Power60: Higher Education Workforce of the Future

Sonia Alvarez-Robinson

Network for Change and Continuous Innovation (NCCI) Annual Conference

Liberating Structures Lunch and Learn

NCCI Power60: Culture Club: Understanding the Influence of Culture in Change

Karla Loebick and Jessica Schein

2019 University Project Portfolio Roundtable

UPP Project Leaders

NCCI Power60: Engaging Groups Through Liberating Structures

Marie Logan, UC Santa Cruz, Melani Roberson, UC San Diego

Wow Stakeholders and Get Better Results with Design Thinking

Randy Salzman

NCCI Peer Learning Lab May 2019: Growth Mindset

Tammy Freeman

NCCI Power60: Making Lean Learning Flow from Training to Skilled Practitioner

Ruth Archer

The Surprising Power of Liberating Structures (LS)

Keith McCandless

NCCI Peer Learning Lab April 2019: The Power of Asking Questions

Angela Knobloch

NCCI Power60 - Celebrating Failure: The Need for End-to-End Design

Joseph Drasin, Kristine Maphis

NCCI Power60: After the Thrill is Gone: Sustaining High-Performing Teams

Sharon Tse

Resolving Conflict to Move Forward Together

Gabrielle Adams

NCCI Power60: Engaging Faculty in Quality Initiatives

Nancy Arnold, , Mandy Crespo,

Ask Better Questions—Inspire Collaboration

Angela Knobloch

EVP-COO Area Ours to Shape Session - 1/16/19

Project Management Community of Practice Meeting

EVP-COO Area Ours to Shape Session - 1/8/19

EVP-COO Area Ours to Shape Session - 1/7/19

How to Use Storytelling to Get Support for Ideas

Mary Brackett, OE Senior Associate, Michael Latsko, Sr. Director for Strategic Initiatives and Interim AVP for Talent

Making Progress in a Conflicted World

Gabrielle Adams

Liberating Structures: Novel Tools for Engagement, Innovation, and Inclusion

Catherine Lilly

Moving Agendas in a Clunky University

Samuel Bacharach

Using Games & Activities to Develop the Power of Groups - Be a Better Groupie

Michael Brown

Speed Learning: Skills You Can Use Now from the NCCI Annual Conference

Mary Brackett, OE Senior Associate, Mike Danzi, SOM Process Excellence Leader, Adam Griggs, SOM Process Excellence Leader, Stan Gunn, OE Portfolio Associate, Brooke Link, SOM Process Excellence Leader, Fredrick Martin, HR Sr. Dir. of Change Management, Emily Patrick, OE Project Associate

The Cloud is Just Someone Else's Computer...and Other Myths

A. Michael Berman, Ph.D.

Essentials of Creative Problem Solving

Alex Zorychta

Journey of Facilitation & Collaboration Workshop

Darin Harris, Harry Webne-Behrman, Steve Davis, special guests

The Cloud is Just Someone Else's Computer & Other Myths (NCCI Webinar)

A. Michael Berman, Ph.D.

The Winds of Change: Change Management for Complex Times

Mary Brackett, OE Senior Associate, Various Change Management Practitioners

Project Management: Infamous Failures, Classic Mistakes & Best Practices

Ryan Nelson

The Other Side of Succession Planning: Minimize Disruption & Maximize Success (NCCI Webinar)

Steven Ouellette, ME, CMC®

Journey of Facilitation & Collaboration Workshop

Darin Harris, Harry Webne-Behrman, Steve Davis, special guests

University Project Portfolio Roundtable

Various project leads

Lean Leadership 101 (NCCI Webinar)

Eric Olsen

Navigating Organizational Politics

Mona Gillis Edwards

Cre8tive Leadership: How to Create, Communicate & Implement Big Ideas

Chic Thompson

Employee Resistance in the Wake of Change: Coaching Techniques to Quell Lingering Resistance (NCCI Webinar)

Barrett McBride

The Journey of Facilitation & Collaboration

Darin Harris, Harry Webne-Behrman, Steve Davis, special guests

The Power of Co-Creation: Get the Most Out of Your Next Team Meeting

Jen Andrasko

Integral Intervention: How to Keep Your Meeting on Track for Powerful Outcomes

Emily Patrick, Project Associate, UVA Organizational Excellence, Darin Harris, Co-founder Living Giving Enterprises; Consultant at UW-Madison

Liberating Structures (NCCI Webinar)

Catherine Lilly, Sibson Consulting, Darin Harris, University of Wisconsin

How to Engage and Mobilize Groups: 4 Proven Facilitation Techniques

Michael Wilkinson

Revolution is The Only Solution: Navigate Change in Higher Education

Allison Vaillancourt

Partnering for Progress

Data Driven Discussions: Developing Shared Data Metrics to Inform the Program Review Process (NCCI Webinar)

Megan Blackwelder

The FourSight Thinking Profile: Leveraging Strengths for Successful Innovation

Duane Wilson

Are You Prepared for The Smart Machine Age?

Ed Hess

The Steps of Change

Theran Fischer

What's Going on in Higher Education?

UVA conference attendees

Building your Business Case for Change Management


Building your Business Case for Change Management


Defining the Value of Change Management


Leading with a LEAN Mindset

Mike Danzi - Process Excellence Leader SOM, Adam Griggs - Process Excellence Coach SOM, Brooke Link - Process Excellence Coach - SOM, Richard Covington - Talent Management Lead - Ufirst

Using Balanced Scorecards, Lean and Liberating Structures to Accelerate Strategic Planning and Implementation

Ruth Johnston - University of Washington

The Journey of Facilitation and Collaboration

Darin Harris

The Virginia Network: Annual Conference


Coaching Leadership: A Necessary Skill for Leading Change

Yael Bacharach - Bacharach Leadership Group

Co-creating a Customer-Focused Performance Review Experience

Lisa Cannell

Ufirst Information Fair

NCCI - Higher Education Leadership Forum

From Lemons To Culture Change

Shannon Cribbs

Open House - SCPS

Beyond Bricks and Mortar

John De Silva

Transforming the Student Experience: Tools & Techniques That Matter

Dan Feely, Managing Partner - Transforming Solutions, Inc.

Critical Inputs for Building Operational Excellence Infrastructure

Ellen Milnes -, Andrea Kreisa and Dawn Lowe, OpXsolutions

Learning From The Inside & The outside: Administrative Unit Review

Sarah Collie

Project Management: Principles & Practice

Gerald Starsia, PhD

Who Has the D? Using RAPID® for Decision Making

Carolyn Saint

Change Management - Community of Practice

Tracey Hoke - Chief of Quality and Performance Improvement - UVA Health System, Carol "Stash" Stanley - University Registrar, Anda Webb - Vice Provost for Administration & Chief of Staff

Transforming the Student Experience

Dan Feely

Leading With Competence (And Charisma Too)

Tom Bateman

Community of Discovery

Dan Feely

Cyber Risk: A Quality Perspective

Harvey Johnson

New Tricks For Old Dogs

Daniel Zrymiak

A-3 Thinking

Wilbert Owens

Strategies for Resilient Wellbeing

Anna Delong

Open House - School of Continuing and Professional Studies

Motivation in Training

Viki Gossen

Project Selection and Prioritization

Jim Bowie - Roxtar Consulting


Angela Song, MA, PhD, PMP - UC San Diego

The Problem With Root Cause Analysis

C. Robert Nelms

Better Project Management for Sustained Productivity and Quality

John D. Hudson, Jr

Collaborative Community Creativity!

Gweneth West

Using Non-Traditional Voice of the Customer Techniques

John A. Goodman

Professional Development Through Volunteerism

Denise Walters, Ph.D.

Change Management Models

Julie Bird, Change Manager MRP, Carolyn Politis, Communications OE

Continuing Momentum for Change

James Schmidt, Chancellor, Kristen Hendrickson - Executive Director, Administrative Support and Knowledge Center, Bill Felz, Executive Director, Advising, Retention and Career Center

Emotional Intelligence for Quality Professionals

Susan Schwartz

Successful Consulting Engagements

Sarah Collie, Mary Brackett, Lee Baszczewski

ResearchUVA - The Key to the City of Research

Lee Baszczewski and Vonda Durrer

Network for Change and Continuous Innovation - 2016 Conference HIghlights

Organizational Excellence and Conference Partners

ASQ Free Webinar: The Baldridge Framework for Excellence

Rebecca Anderson

True North: A Personal Guide to Authentic Leadership

Center for Leadership Excellence

NCCI Coffee Break - Creating a Positive Accountability Culture

Roxi Bahar Hewertson

Engaging Everyone to Create Innovative Results

Lee Baszczewski, Office of Organizational Excellence

Create High Performance Learning Teams: Workshop with Ed Hess

Ed Hess

OE at 'UVA Forward 2016'

Is That What You Heard?

Darin Harris

Leadership Outcomes

Setting Org. Direction and Priorities