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Spotlight on Excellence Nomination

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Nominee Information

If nominating a team, select one person for the nominee fields, and include the other team members in the summary field.

Nomination Criteria (select all that apply - at least one of the three criteria must be selected)

  • Innovates or streamlines a process
  • Simplifies work
  • Increases the value of processes or services


  • Provides consistently exceptional service by "going above and beyond"
  • Resolves a difficult customer concern
  • Anticipates and develops opportunities to improve customer satisfaction


  • Shares knowledge and solutions
  • Creates new and innovative networks to engage around Grounds
  • Establishes and leads ways to work collaboratively and remove silos

Brief Summary *

Please enter a summary of the specific event of quality and excellence. Provide details as to how this demonstrates excellence "above and beyond" good work performance.  Your clear description of the individual or team’s specific actions (and outcome) will help showcase your nominee(s).

Nominator Information

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