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Increasing UVA’s Capacity for Change Management with Immersive Workshop


March 26, 2020

Fourth Prosci Change Management Certification Cohort

In late February, colleagues from across Grounds, representing 13 academic and administrative areas, completed a three-day Prosci Change Management Certification workshop. This group was the fourth cohort of UVA participants to earn the certification through workshops sponsored by OE. Participants developed their change management skills, learning how to apply a research-based methodology to existing and future projects. By developing their skillset, the capacity for effective change management increases throughout the University. 

Here’s what participants had to say about the experience: 

  • “The process and tools of Change Management were exactly what I was looking for to help me improve my work. I particularly appreciate the Impact Index to help me better understand a project before I begin.”
  • “Working with our own projects throughout the three days was very valuable and linked change management to my own experiences.”
  • “I knew some of the tools, but it was great to learn the full framework and learn about the individual tools. I appreciated the presenter's real-life experience and examples. It was great to have a cohort where people came from different units and schools.”