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Change Management

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Change management is the structured approach to proactively manage the impacts of change both at an individual and institutional level. It incorporates strategies that help individuals make successful personal transitions and result in the adoption of change. It's most effective when all objectives - institutional, technical, and human - are fully implemented and embedded in the institution.

Join the UVA Change Management Community, a group dedicated to the practical application of change management at UVA.


ADKAR - This acronym represents the five milestones an individual must achieve for change to be successful: awareness, desire, knowledge, ability, reinforcement. It's part of the PROSCI framework for change management.
Accelerating Implementation Management (AIM) - This practical, repeatable change management framework ensures business-critical projects are implemented to achieve the maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time.
Accelerate's 8 Step Process - This updated model from Dr. Kotter explains five core principles underlying the new network system, the eight accelerators that drive it, and how leaders must create urgency in others.
Communications Cascade -  A guide for ensuring communications are targeted, stakeholders are engaged, and change impacts addressed.
Impact of Change Overview - This template assesses the impacts on people, processes, and technology for a change initiative.
Stakeholder Engagement/Impact Map - A map that helps develop engagement strategies for key stakeholder groups.
Stakeholder Influence/Interest Map - A map that helps prioritize stakeholder effort.


Bacharach Leadership Group - Focuses on how to take a vision or strategy from initiation to implementation, and focuses on the pragmatic, nuts-and-bolts skills of getting things done.
Kotter International - Resources in support of the Accelerate's 8 Step Process for change
The Barrett Values Center - Values, culture, and change management
The Change Management Institute - Professional body for change management professionals