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All Spotlight on Excellence Honorees

OE recognizes the following individuals who exhibit the principles of OE in their daily work and contribute to an overall institutional culture of quality. Everyone has an opportunity to advance excellence! Nominate an individual or team today. 

November 2019 Honoree

Brenda Nalley

February 2019 Honoree

Julie Donathan

November 2017 Honorees


Debbie Jordan and Marcus Hamilton

October 2017 Honorees









A University Advancement and ITS collaboration, including Patrick Stanley, Ann Lawrence Grasty, Cheryl Gearhart, and Christina Meyer

August 2017 Honoree









Ana Lynch

May 2017 Honorees

           Marianne Daughtry

Nancy Honeywell and Marianne Daughtrey

March 2017 Honorees

Addie Coe and Lauren Moriarty

Addie Coe and Lauren Moriarty

February 2017 Honorees

Kim Becker-Damron       

Kim Becker-Damron and Roy Cadoff

October 2016 Honorees


Elizabeth Carey with nominator Shana Pack. Vijay Adusumilli with nominator Forrest Swope. Both presented by OE's Lee Baszczewski.

September 2016 Honorees

First Team Spotlight Recipients
The first team Spotlight on Excellence Honorees: UVAForward Organizing Committee - Keith Donnelly, Kirby Armentrout, Elizabeth Allan, Thomas Kim, and Erika Priddy

May 2016 Honorees


February 2016 Honorees

Sarah Collie recognizes Chris Prue and Kathy Halvorsen

October 2015 Honorees

Jim Bowen, Mary Stinnette (nominator), Lee Baszczewski (nominator)Laura MellusiKim Turner, and Michelle Busby (nominator)

August 2015 Honorees

John Gwynn (nominator), Kim Umstadter (nominator), Pat HartsookAndrew Yeung, and Kathy Roy

June 2015 Honorees

Christina Frederick (nominator), Diane Cole, Robin Fisher, Alison Miller (nominator), Jessie Wood, and Young Kim (not pictured)