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Lead Partner - The Office of Sponsored Programs
ResearchUVA aims to create streamlined, efficient research administration processes (proposal development, submission, and award management) through a customized enterprise-wide IT platform.
To achieve aggressive research targets, ResearchUVA will focus on the alignment, redesign, and streamlining of processes for proposal development and submission. It will create efficient processes, reduce administrative burden, decrease compliance risk, enable tracking of proposals and provide extensive reporting, bench-marking, and other analytics.


ResearchUVA will create a holistic framework for research administration processes from pre-proposal to closeout.

This will be achieved by implementing:

  • A new software platform to manage the research administration processes that provides self-service tools, electronic file management, electronic approvals, search, and reporting functions
  • An organizational redesign focusing on collaborative relationships between schools and the Office of Sponsored Programs and with Centers of Expertise for:

    • Grants and contracts negotiations
    • Subrecipient award
    • Clinical research
    • Electronic research administration
  • A professional development strategy for research administration professionals, including a Community of Practice and career pathways


Phase 1 - Faculty portal, research document imaging (Summer 2014 - May 2015)

Phase 2 - Process queue with electronic tracking of "in-process" research documents (March 2016)

Phase 3 - Electronic proposals and award modification (Summer 2016 - Winter 2016)

Phase 4 - January 2017 - June 2017

  • Proposal Routing Form Buildout
  • Enhanced search functionality
  • Effort commitment at proposal stage
  • Data visualization capabilities
  • Community engagement platform
*Process improvement conducted in conjunction with phased implementation


Elizabeth Adams, assistant vice president for Research Administration, serves as the executive sponsor. 

Vonda Durrer, senior director of Electronic Research Administration, serves as the project director. 

Project Type: 
Current Sponsored Project
Office of Sponsored Programs