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Organizational Excellence Structure and Roles


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Executive Sponsors

The Executive Sponsors set the strategy and direction for the OE program. The sponsors partner with the Leadership Council and OE staff to guide and assure the success of the Program.

  • Pat Hogan, EVP/Chief Operating Officer
  • Tom Katsouleas, EVP/Provost
  • Colette Sheehy, Sr. Vice President for Operations


Leadership Council

The Leadership Council partners with the Sponsors and OE staff to set the direction of the program and to plan and execute initiatives that are focused on enhanced quality and improved processes and services.

  • Chair: Bob Pianta, Dean of the Curry School of Education
  • Peter Brunjes, Professor, Department of Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Virginia Evans, Chief Information Officer
  • Chris Holstege, Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, School of Medicine and Executive Director, Student Health Center
  • Rob Hoover, Associate Dean for Administration and CFO, McIntire School of Commerce
  • Arlene Keeling, Professor, School of Nursing
  • Rob Kelly, Professor, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Jim Matteo, Associate Vice President and Treasurer
  • Christina Morell, Associate Provost and Director of Office of Institutional Assessment and Studies
  • Kathy Peck, Chief Operating Officer, School of Medicine
  • Len Schoppa, Associate Dean for Social Sciences and Professor, Department of Politics, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Ex Officio — Nancy Rivers, Chief of Staff for the President/Associate Vice President for Administration; Organizational Excellence Staff


Organizational Excellence Office

The Organizational Excellence Staff lead and facilitate performance excellence and improvement throughout the institution in collaboration with the Executive Sponsors, the Leadership Council, project teams, and the University community.