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Internal Communications Assessment

This assessment reviewed the current state of UVA internal communications, researched best practices, and provided recommendations for internal communications.



The current state analysis revealed the following needs:
  • Simpler, shorter messaging, with feedback opportunities
  • An internal channel for internal news
  • Pertinent information all in one place
  • Filter information to target audience needs
  • Better data to measure communications success
  • Great coordination of messages across Grounds


Best practices in other higher education institutions and private enterprises for internal communications include:

  • Alignment of internal communications with an overall communications strategy
  • Tools for metrics and assessment
  • A consistent channel or vehicle for employee news
  • Dedicated employees



  • Establish a centralized internal communications function
  • Develop a communications strategy for the internal community and aligned with the Cornerstone Plan and University brand


  • Assessment of current state (August - October 2014
  • Review of possible solutions (October - November 2014)
  • Recommendations (November - December 2014)
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Completed Sponsored Project
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