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Innovation: Ideas to Action

Innovation Management provides a framework to collect diverse insights, promote collaboration, and tap into expert knowledge. This enables the best ideas to be refined and executed.


The project aims to leverage the intellectual, creative and innovative capital of the UVA community. This framework also allows great ideas to be sourced moved to action with successful results. The approach relies on agile design thinking - the focus of design on providing value to the customer.

Ideas are built upon in an iterative and collaborative way, with continuous improvement embedded in the approach. Supporting the approach is a software platform supporting the sourcing, tracking and evaluation of ideas.

Key elements of the process include:

  • Targeted campaigns aligned to UVA core mission
  • Defined selection criteria for evaluation of ideas for further development
  • Collaboration among people to build and improve on ideas
  • Evaluation of ideas by community opinion and experts
  • Action on opportunities and problems as well as tracking and maintaining new concepts and initiatives


Mary Brackett - Senior Associate, Organizational Excellence

Project Type: 
Other OE Initiatives
Current Phase: 
Simplify In Design