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When things get bad, the art of listening can make a huge difference. Are you really a good listener, or do you just pay lip service to listening? 

Ray Dalio makes the business case for using radical transparency and algorithmic decision-making to create an idea meritocracy where people can speak up and say what they really think.

Learn why trust matters and what it truly takes to develop trust. 

Successful Manager Traits

What makes a successful manager? Google's project, Project Oxygen, ranks eight qualities of successful managers in order of importance. 

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This short video explains your role in employee engagement. Leadership author and executive coach Marshall Goldsmith — who is always skeptical of catch phrases like employee engagement — talks about the qualities necessary to galvanize individuals’ commitment at work.

To gain support, you must justify your idea. Here are the four core ways to do just that.

Vitae asks academics, administrators, and Ph.D.’s in the nonacademic world to pick the five books that most influenced them.

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There were over 400 articles published by last year. What were the top picks?


Learn how to systematically unleash your community to creatively generate ideas around operations, pedagogy, and ultimately, impact the student experience. It’s a combination of giving up control from the top and skepticism from the middle.

Pragmatic leaders don't let their egos derail their goals or ability to execute agendas. Learn five ego traps that can hinder a leader and halt their change agenda.

The key to getting things done in an organization is through political competence. Learn what this means and how you can incorporate it into your leadership style. 


Smartphones are not the problem — it’s bad management that people resent.

Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to what they do. 

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Like emotions can be contagious, so can good (and bad) leadership behaviors - some more so than others. Leadership behaviors can also have a cascade effect. Not only are direct reports impacted by leadership behaviors, the wider organization is too.


Leaders who equally focus on results and people tend to motivate people to do their best. Read the five things that these leaders can accomplish because of this balance.