Organizational Excellence

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Fish Philosophy

Learn about the FISH! philosophy, which is about engaging people to make positive changes. 

Client engagement is different than customer sales. Learn what can set you apart from the competition and create lasting relationships with clients.  

Pixar has produced some of the most creative and epic films of this era due to a culture of creative collaboration. How can educators learn from Pixar when we design collaborative projects?

Man thinking

High impact leaders are curious, and they're effective because building knowledge and wisdom are essential to professional success. If you are not naturally curious and asking a lot of questions, you can build this skill into your daily agenda by asking "ritual questions."

Two women talking

Great bosses change us for the better. They see more in us than we see in ourselves, and they help us learn to see it too.


Helping Hand

Being a good facilitator isn't the same as knowing how to manage people or run a meeting. It comes down to understanding the tools and structure that help people collaborate.


Simon Sinek is a visionary thinker, who teaches leaders and organizations how to inspire people. His goal is to build a world in which the vast majority of people go home every day feeling fulfilled by their work.

Do you want to be an effective leader and have people follow you? Here's what you need to do. 

Rabbit and Tortise

Most successful leaders fall into the category of "temporally agile" - they set out timetables and deadlines, but are able to adjust to create more team synchrony and flow.


Authentic leaders lightbulb

Informal leaders do not have positions of authority but they manage to get things done and bring others along with them. How do you find them and engage them?

The only thing you can count on is change. So why not get better at it?

Tools or apps can't solve collaboration problems alone; it has to be part of the culture, which emotionally intelligent leaders understand intrinsically. They hire smart, life-long learners, invest in creating a thriving environment, and do these three things very well...

Leaders need to figure out how they can overcome resistance and get support for their ideas. Read how to engage in the micro-political skills of execution to get people on your side

How To Counter Criticism Of Your Million Dollar Idea

When you have a fantastic idea, why is it that anyone would challenge it?  The reality is that any important change is challenged, so you should expect challenge and prepare for it.

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How to shift from a "best practices" mentality to a dynamic, "laboratory" mentality and make each team member, not the manager, responsible for the results.