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  • University Project Portfolio

    Learn about the portfolio

  • Spotlight on Excellence
  • Encouraging Culture Change

    Institutionwide transformation can happen when leadership gives up some control and allows the campus to implement initiatives.

  • Build Culture From the Bottom Up

    Give up some control to generate creative ideas and build culture.

  • Southwest Airlines Culture Secrets

    Southwest Airlines Culture Secrets

    "The business of business is people." - the basis of Southwest Airline's culture according to Herb Kelleher, co-founder. 


Psychological safety is the belief that one will not be punished or humiliated for their ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes. Learn how to establish and maintain psychological safety with a cognitively diverse work group.

Learn how to systematically unleash your community to creatively generate ideas around operations, pedagogy, and ultimately, impact the student experience.


Pat Hogan |

Executive Vice President/COO

"We are aspiring not only to world-class teaching and research, but also to world-class performance in effectiveness and efficiency. Excellence in every aspect of the University is essential to leverage our core strengths and distinctions and meet the goals of our strategic plan."

Bob Pianta |

Dean, Curry School of Education

"Organizational Excellence unifies and aligns our efforts to support and advance core mission activities. Through collaboration and partnerships, we seek an optimal service architecture for high-quality education, research and scholarship."